Live-electronic duo KIDSØ’s new single “Childhood” comes in like a breath of fresh air

Live-electro duo KIDSØ come in shining today with their lighthearted record aptly titled “Childhood.” Sounds of soft chimes, reminiscent of what you might hear in a sound ceremony, are nothing short of uplifting. Worldly percussive elements carry elevating energy from the start. The German duo fuse cheerful percussion and cascading electronic soundscapes and their creative use of children’s vocals echo a lightness in character that maintained throughout.

“Childhood” is the title track from their upcoming album which is up for release later this year. The duo shared a little about the journey behind creating the track over email with us, remarking, “The single ‘Childhood’ is the first step away from the cold and quiet Northern regions of Europe, which gave us inspiration for the debut EP ‘Apart’. The production of the track started in late 2017 and got its color due to frequent trips to South Africa in 2018. At that time, the main vocal melody evolved and got complimented by sounds from the countryside.” With a sound primarily focused around rhythmic beats and a studio filled to the brim with bongo’s, drums and found objects to draw inspiration from, KIDSØ’s music feels like a breath of fresh air. 

Today, they also reveal a remix by producer friend Long Arm. Who takes the track in a deeper direction, bringing in a lower bassline and ethereal soundscapes which strike a delicate balance of ambiance and intrigue. Give it all a very special listen here. 

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