Liza delves into letting go and moving on "Done Is Done"

R&B musician Liza explores letting go and moving on in soulful number “Done Is Done,” led by her soft and sultry vocals which wash over the lull of haunting gospel instrumentals and echoing beats. A track which delves into accepting the end of a relationship or situation even without closure, the Ethiopian-Canadian singer-songwriter lends us strength with the gentle power of her neo-soul artistry.

Exuding both fragile introspection and fierce confidence, Liza makes use of emotive but intelligent song writing to teach us to an important life lesson on allowing yourself to grow past and out of past experiences. Accompanied by cinematic visuals from Isiah Blake, the rising singer transports us to an empty church, impressing upon us the affecting notions of mourning and rebirth, as “Done Is Done,” weaves a delicate  journey that ends of soaring catharsis.

Taken from her EP of the same name, the track combines hushed intimacy with expansive relatability as another example of the Toronto-based act’s natural ability to infuse strength in listeners through her unfiltered heart-to-hearts cushioned by layered sonics, setting her up for more fame as a memorable figure in today’s R&B scene.

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