Lo-fi pop project Yot Club teases upcoming EP with melodic track "Alive"

Lo-fi pop project Yot Club offers the first glimpse of his forthcoming EP Santolina, with melodic lead track “Alive,” which quiet guitars and soothing vocals swirling with nostalgia. The minimalistic yet carefully layered production taps into a hazy, warm vibe that comforts right from the first notes of guitars and synths.


With emotive lyricism and a pleasant vocal quality the track gives life to Yot Club, the solo project of Mississippi-raised, Nashville-based talent Ryan Kaiser, who blooms out of TikTok fame to find his feet in the gentle lull of his lo-fi musicality. Led by his memories of the suburbs, Kaiser artfully explores the fine line between the carefree suburban vibes that embed itself in your childhood, before the nostalgia is washed out by a bleaker perspective.

Showcasing a sound that remains uplifting in spite of Kaiser’s introspective nature, “Alive” paints a vivid picture of Kaiser’s own experiences, drawing us fully into his heart and mind with the power of his atmospheric music. The accompanying music video elevates the poetic nature of the track with its cinematic quality.

His musical mark already made with his viral hit “YKWIM?”, Kaiser’s versatility forms the foundation of his work as Yot Club spanning diverse influences for his brand of vibrant pop rock with a soft indie touch. From being enamoured by music at the age of eight to becoming a consistent artist with a strong slate of music in 2019, Yot Club is set to continue his streak with his upcoming project.

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