LOELASH takes us out of this world with debut album, 'Fantasia'

London-based producer and multi-instrumentalist LOELASH has shared his explorative debut album Fantasia. On the album, the singer explores creative freedom by tapping into various genres. The album is sonically designed to make listeners feel something. Some of the songs will create a longing for late nights with friends in low-lit clubs while others will trigger daydreams about laidback afternoons with coffee and silky jazz in the atmosphere.

Offering us the chance to really sink into his soundscapes, LOELASH steers the ship into a plethora of jazz-enhanced waters. This ship takes us on a 28-minute cruise through a collection of tracks soaked in exploration and expertise. Weaving electronic, jazz, hip-hop and classical influences throughout, Fantasia creates its own world of experimentation and gives listeners an insight into his super creative world.

Featuring collaborations with guest artists like DijahSB, Palmaria, Taite Imogen, BAKARE and Counterfly, LOELASH's genre versatility is woven into the fabrics of the album's foundations, proving to be an enhancing listening experience from start to finish. With heady house beats on bops like "Whispers" and "Mind Games II,” breezy synths on "Fantasia" and the sleek addition of a sweet saxophone melody line on "Somebody New" and "Triumph,” the album overflows with excitement to create a debut LP that truly integrates us into the vibrant world of an artist absorbing numerous influences. 

With his musical affinity beginning at the age of 9 where he learned to play the saxophone and piano, LOELASH's exploration into music has been one fueled by intrigue as he cites classical, fusion, jazz, electronic and hip-hop as his key influential genres. For readers who can’t get enough of LOELASH, there will also be a celebration of the album’s release on November 21 at Peckham Audio.

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