London band Cameron and the Slumberknights drops lush single “Old Jacinto"

London-based contemporary quartet Cameron and the Slumberknights, drops lush single “Old Jacinto,” exploring themes of metamorphosis, youth and adulthood underpinned by a minimalistic, piano-led production.Fronted by South African rapper and songwriter, Cam The Slumberknight aka Cameron Donald, the band delivers a polished R&B soundscape framed by catchy rap verses, and melodic backing vocals.

Steadily ebbing and flowing in the tinkling of keys, the track’s sonics contrast a light-hearted, breezy melody with deeper, more introspective themes.With an imaginative concept that envisions a new world and life built in the crumbling ruins of another, the track weaves a narrative that allows hope to shine through despair ushered by Cameron’s laidback but gritty delivery.

Led by an unfailing combination of soulful sonics and simple but honest song writing, “Old Jacinto,” which was recorded in London’s famous Dean Street studios and featuresGrammy-winning Sting collaborator Pete Smith,pulls us in with its easy-going vocal flow juxtaposed with groovy instrumentals.

Having from gone strength-to-strength since the release of “Pour,” their debut single and follow-up offering “Midnight,” the four-piece who have endured two national lockdowns in their first year as a band have proven that when raw talent meets perseverance it can create magic.

An ethereal pop-soul arrangement grounded by a realism drawn from their authentic personalities, this latest production establishes Cameron and the Slumberknights as rising stars in the alt-R&B scene.

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