London-based siblings FOUNDRY13 drops light-hearted, youthful anthem, “Wild // Child"

London-based sibling duo FOUNDRY13 return with summery track, “Wild // Child,” uniting punchy alt-pop soundscapes with a touch of punk and rock in an uplifting anthem. Thrumming with positivity and a sense of purpose, the track sees the brothers step away from their usual approach of incorporating heavy themes of mental health into their music, as they let themselves be carried away by the fun vibes of the guitar-led offering.

With an intricate instrumental boasting a playful lyrical approach, the track gives us pause from the swirling anxiety of the past year, instead focusing its energy on keeping things as light-hearted as possible. Exploring the concept of living your lives to the fullest while you’re able to,  the message of “Wild // Child” reflects the freedom in the name of the song, representing a zest for life unique to the youth.

Known for an expertly crafted sound which blends self-reflective dark pop with layers of powerful hip hop and rock, FOUNDRY13 make it a point to brand the minds of their listeners with the distinctly feel-good nature of this particular offering. Speaking of “Wild // Child,” which was made to add a bit of light to the dark times, they say, “This is a track which we didn’t really want to overcomplicate with high concepts and too many emotions. It's just about never wanting to leave the party, and sleeping until the sun goes down.”

Moving away from an artistry of producing introspective pieces of music meant to get people thinking, this single from the duo who debuted in 2019 oozes with the warmth of summer, content to allow people a moment of much-needed unfettered happiness. With their self-written and self-produced material finding love among the growing fanbase they’ve built around the world, keep an eye on these brothers who are brimming with talent and potential set to launch them sky high.

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