London Modular Alliance release new 12″ via Cultivated Electronics Ltd

A week after DMX Krew’s debut release for Cultivated Electronics comes London Modular Alliance’s — a vinyl only release on CE’s sister label Cultivated Electronics Ltd. The EP consists of three refined and tasteful cuts of electro, accompanied by a remix by label head Sync 24. Masters of modular funk, London Modular Alliance are welcomed to the CE family with open arms.

Cultivated Electronics · CE LTD 004 – London Modular Alliance – Stray EP

A collective that lies “somewhere between a shop and a cult,” London Modular Alliance have been working on technical elements for live performances, designing their own cases and selling units from their shop front; if anyone knows their way around electro, it’s this trio. Creating everything using modular synthesisers, LMA’s sound is the sound of the future. Innovative, forwards thinking and completely unique, they have honed their craft over the last few years, and we’re here to enjoy their efforts to the fullest.

Title track “Stray” opens up the EP with five minutes of bubbling melodies and twinkling synths, taking us on a deep listening journey. Although it’s a reasonably mellow track, “Stray” is highly atmospheric, leaving the mind feeling cleansed and ready to kick things up a gear. “Bitter Taste” sways more towards home-listening side, layering soaring melodies over a twisty bassline to keep things light and energetic.

The B-side is home to LMA’s original “More Than A Number,” alongside a remix of the same track by Sync 24. “More Than A Number” serves a (very welcome) slice of moody basement electro that you just can’t help moving to. Nifty breaks and all kinds of modular madness contribute to making this one a certified heater. Om Unit once said “It’s not electro unless it makes you feel like you’re wading through zig-zag shaped forcefields” — and that’s exactly what this feels like. It’s electric. A Sync 24 remix takes the track to a new dimension; if you’re looking for music that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, look no further. Up the intensity by ten, throw in a plethora of bleeps and dystopian soundscapes and you’ve got your remix. It’s like the original, just on steroids.

Stray can be purchased via Clone.

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