London rapper Tops Mafioso drops sultry new single "Working From Home"

London rapper Tops Mafioso offers a cheeky take on WFH culture with single “Working From Home,” a suave and seductive production led by Mafioso slow-paced vocals and soul-tinged soundscape. Written during the lockdown the track predictably draws inspiration from the time when the phrase and culture of working from home became a norm, with a sexy and bold narrative of a lover distracted her from her job due to being attracted to her lover.

The hazy track is soulful and sultry in equal parts as it seeks to break the ice on the topic of intimacy when you spend all day in close quarters with your lover. Tapping into a multi-cultural melting pot of musical influences, Mafioso showcases a seamless blend of genres in the infectious rhythm of “Working From Home,” where he turns up the heat in a powerful combination of steamy lyricism and catchy soundscapes. This is compounded by dreamy visuals that capture the couple flirting, drawn to each other in the soft lighting of their flat.

Speaking of the track, the South London artist says, I felt it was important to make a song about it and share some experiences we all may have felt. It’s cheeky, sexy and probably an experience a few have had but now there’s a record to break the ice and say I can relate to that!”

Making waves in music and fashion since his debut, Mafioso has built up a reputation as a multi-faceted artist whose talents know no bounds. From creating explosive music and racking up massive streams to tackling homelessness through his craft, this is an artist who meteoric rise is not likely slow down anytime soon.

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