Lonny Love shines on new 14-track sample drill project

New York artist Lonny Love has shared a new project called HOECHELLA, produced by Cash Cobain, which finds him delivering a diverse array of vivid sample drill soundscapes across 14 tracks. Following up previous efforts like “HATE ME” and “SLIDE”, which helped carve out his idiosyncratic take on the rising wave of sample drill music, this LP finds him delivering track after track of entertainingly unpredictable and energetic rhymes atop powerful, vibrant production that also draws influence from trap, alternative R&B, and cloud rap.

Opener “No BIZZY” sets the tone with cloudy, colorful sample-based production that re-appears in a diverse set of forms throughout the 14 tracks. Crisp, energizing percussion, sliding bass, and candy-coated, atmospheric samples make up the core of the project, making for a refreshing take on the fast-rising sample drill sub-genre. However, tracks like “PILLOW” with Chow LeeĀ switch up the pace and add extra dynamics with more melodious deliveries and a trap-influenced sound. “GO DOWN” is darker in tone than the preceding tracks, using dramatic, expansive keys to craft a moody but elegant soundscape. An album highlight appears in “Blew Up”, which is contains especially graceful production which balances glowing, airy guitars with heavy, pounding 808s to create an engaging contrast. Here, Love provides dynamic, flexible rhyme patterns and then caps it off with a catchy, highly replay-able chorus atop the dream-like production. Finally, the album closes out with “EVERYTHING”, which incorporates an uplifting vocal sample in a creative manner, sequencing it in adrenaline-fuelled stabs atop booming 808s and fast-paced drums.

The latest from Lonny Love, HOECHELLA finds the New York artist delivering engaging and exciting vocal performances atop rich, vibrant sample drill soundscapes from renowned producer Cash Cobain.

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