Loome confronts mortality on “Day I Died”

Loome offers a poignant glimpse into his inner-workings on his latest single, “Day I Died.” With sincere lyricism and infectious pop melodies, the track showcases Loome’s talent as both a songwriter and musician.

“Day I Died” weaves emotive instrumentation, including lush guitar chords and twinkling synths, into a captivating soundscape. Loome’s ethereal vocals glide over the music, creating an atmospheric experience that draws listeners in. As the song progresses, lo-fi drums add a gentle pulse, while a vibrant lead synth punctuates the chorus with its catchy melody.

Beyond its captivating sound, “Day I Died” holds a deeply personal narrative. Loome shares his experience of confronting a genetic disorder, which casts a shadow over his future health. Despite assurances of treatment, the realisation of mortality serves as a wake-up call. Through his music, Loome finds solace, using songwriting to process complex emotions.

As the solo project of Suffolk-based artist Tomas Frankson, Loome has gained recognition from Spotify playlists and press acclaim. With “Day I Died” as a preview, Loome’s upcoming album promises to be a culmination of his best work, solidifying his position in the music scene.

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