Loopy Auto gives us some ‘Forbidden Lupid’

Loopy Auto, a rapper from York, Pennsylvania, recently dropped his new album Forbidden Lupid. This album will undeniably make you feel alive through powerful beats and impressive songwriting.
Loopy Auto has a track record of rapping about how he feels all the while blending that with unique original beats. This new album is different from his previous album, Law of Attention, with Forbidden Lupid being a clear showcase of this artist’s growth. His flow has evolved to impeccable, and his smooth delivery as are felt in the songs demonstrated below. He definitely takes this album to another level, elevating our expectations. 
“Speed of Your Love” makes Loopy ‘s message relatable. Within his lyrics, this artist has mastered how to turn his pain into fuel and create love. Using this method of songwriting, he intelligently navigated the love so that it could speedily reach our hearts. Produced by Lil Zen and TrellyTell, the beats give off an electronic-inspired undertone. Perfectly mixing both the lyrics and the beat, we are all able to resonate with the feeling that this track gives off. 
The catchy hook in the final track “Won’t Tell” is inescapable. This artist’s high-pitched singing voice makes the chorus an addictive listening experience. The musical composition brings a lively and uplifting energy to wrap up the project.
Having the perfect mix of flow and songwriting, Forbidden Lupid will all find you coming back for more.
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