Lordus won't go to the "OTHERSIDE" in her new single

Brooklyn, New York singer/songwriter Lordus shares her new single "Otherside" which explores the emotions that come with hurt from an unexpected place.

Over the soothing guitar riffs, moody strings, and textures, Lordus pens a tale from the perspective of a woman being betrayed by her partner and the reaction that follows. She delivers a stunning emotion-driven performance ripe with gripping melodies and a commanding vocal tone to match.  She also adds, via email, that she hopes the song is not only relatable to fans but will be a voice for all fighting through heartbreak and recovery without losing themselves.


Born to Haitian parents, Brooklyn, New York native Bianca Wilourdes Francois first became known as the songstress Ella René. After perfecting her craft and finding her own style and sound inspired by the 90s R&B sound, she changed her name to Lordus to embark on the next chapter of her career.

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