Lorelei Marcell’s new self-titled EP encompasses hardships along with happiness

Powerful pop artist Lorelei Marcell unleashes her new self-titled six-track body of work. The EP focuses on life’s many struggles yet also joys. Her profound themes range from coping with change and battling perfection standards, to fun with friends and falling in love. Through her intoxicating tracks taking you on a rollercoaster of highs and lows, listeners can celebrate all sides of the human experience.

The honest opener “Perfect” details the expectation of excellence. The tune is about getting your partner to realize nothing is ever 100 percent faultless. Her radiant vocals glide over vibrant beats as she begs to be seen for who she is. “Your Biggest Fan” is a soaring anthem that beautifully narrates being ready for a change, but sad for all that is left behind. Listeners can really connect to its bittersweet sentiment.  Ending with the lighthearted “Human Nature” this infectious offering evokes the invigorating feeling that comes from new love. The shimmery synths and energizing vocals really express the song’s message of falling hard.

The 18-year old Boston based talent has amassed over a million streams. Fans are drawn to her emotive pop sound and deep vulnerability. Marcell is inspired by pop greats like Justin Bieber, yet also more soulful singers such as Alicia Keys. She reveals, “I write and record pop music, but I love bluesy R&B,” she explains. “It’s a balance, because I’m a bit of an old soul when it comes to singing. Vocally, I always try to stand out.”

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