Los Angeles-based rapper Tek-Neek outsmarts Siri with new single “Play Some Tek-Neek”

LA-based and South Carolina-bred rapper Tek-Neek continues to push his new single, “Play Some Tek-Neek” which swindles Siri with a command to play his new single at the top of the track. Growing up in South Carolina,Tek-Neek comes from humble beginnings as his rap career started off with nothing more than a Casio keyboard and a vision that he wanted to make music with and for his friends. Extremely proud of his roots in South Carolina and the Gullah Geechee way of life, Tek-Neek hopes to help people find their own roots by discovering his music as he seamlessly incorporates the Gullah culture in his music.  Also influenced by his mother’s work in the church playing for the gospel choir, Tek-Neekgrew up around 80’s R&B, gospel and soul music which you can hear permeating through his music to this day. With his new single “Play Some Tek-Neek”, he hopes to to infiltrate phone after phone, while hanging on to words and themes he found as a youth reading comic books and diving into the world of superhuman characters of anime. In releasing this song Tek-Neek hopes to set off every Apple phone within earshot of the DJ spinning his record almost like an anime supervillain taking over people’s phones.

Atop bouncy, vibrant production with a forward-thinking slant, Tek-Neek delivers upbeat verses that suit the track’s energizing feel. He sounds laid-back yet commanding as he tackles the colorful beat with ease, as it incorporates a rhythm section that draws influence from dance and club music. An infectious new joint overall, “Play Some Tek-Neek” makes for a progressive, cloudy song that is stylish and danceable.

The latest from Tek-Neek, “Play Some Tek-Neek” showcases the rapper’s idiosyncratic style and presents a catchy, vital new release.

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