Los Angeles duo Rush Midnight offer late night vibes with "Take The Long Way Home"

Los Angeles duo Rush Midnight sets the perfect mood for late night trips with atmospheric and groovy single, “Take The Long Way Home,” offering a calming blend of melodic funk and feather-light vocals, layered over an intricate swirl of soft synths, lilting strings and quiet drums. Written to capture the feeling of wanting to savor every moment of joy, the track paints a vivid picture of long drives in solitude as it brims with warm, feel-good energy even as touches of lonely melancholia peek through.  

On their latest production, Russell Manning and song writing partner Rico Martinez continue to tap into their abilities to craft ambient instrumentals embedded in a lush funk-infused indie-pop sound. With a dreamy vibe backdropped by hazy summers, “Take The Long Way Home” comes to life with the delicate romanticism of Jake Falby’s live violins as it takes us on a journey from celebration in life into another.

Showcasing their years of combined musical experience in their earworm melodies, Manning’s jazz influences blend seamlessly with Martinez’s lyrical prowess for smooth, versatile productions that never fail to impress. With a strong creative foundation and slick production skills, “Take The Long Way Home” is yet another stepping stone on the pathway to acclaim.

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