Lou Berry collabs with Eylia on new single “Mary’s Lies”

Parisian singer-songwriter Lou Berry just released his new single “Mary’s Lies”. Enlisting vocals from hip-hop artist Eylia, it’s is Berry’s first release since his 2017 single “Bloom and 2016 EP Blue Sky. With vocals reminiscent of James Blake, Berry’s melancholic vocals work to build a story on his new cut. 

Self-produced, “Mary’s Lies” encapsulates moments of sadness and reality. Threading components of stylized and contemporary R&B, Berry’s sultry and poetic melodies float over velvet production. Eylia and Berry’s bemoaning cries over a love lost are enveloped in bluesy guitar riffs and head bobbing taps on the hi-hat. Eylia’s high-pitched vocals are layered over Berry’s, bringing more depth to the track.  For Berry, “Mary’s Lies” is not not only about addiction but a memory of love as well. The song works to find a balance between reality and fictional desires. 

Berry has been quiet for the last three years but quality over quantity. With many more songs on the horizon from the artist, expect a bigger project from him later this year. 

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