Loud Forest call for a “Miracle” in latest single 

Southern California-based husband and wife duo Loud Forest are bringing their own unique fusion of what they call “alt/pop, rock with a snap of sparkle.” Their latest release “Miracle” is a three minute and 27 second example of this intoxicating sound, bleeding with clashing guitars and upbeat drums, with glistening synths and enchanting harmonies.

The track highlights the negative sides of relationships and the struggles couples can face with the lack of independence and constant ambivalence. According to the press release Bernard Chadwick expresses, “The song comes out of loneliness, afraid of losing my love. I am uncertain about our love, our story, our history, so the verses are really questioning that. The chorus is a reminder about our love story.”

Some say not to mix business with pleasure, but in this case it clearly works. Bernard and Rachel Chadwick use their tight-knit relationship and strong bond throughout their songwriting, allowing their music to run deep with potent themes and compelling sonic soundscapes. Loud Forest have successfully crafted an unmistakable sound and they’re quickly forging their place in the industry.

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