Louise Burns drops cover of Depeche Mode’s “See You”

Vancouver producer and songwriter Louise Burns drops her version of Depeche Mode’s“See You,” which crafts the upbeat, electro-pop 80s number into stripped-back yet modern slow jam led by her luscious vocals and hypnotic synths.

Unveiling her ability to strike a beautiful balance between having fun with her craft while retaining musical sophistication, the track showcases Burns sonic refinement and versatility leaving us in anticipation of her forthcoming fifth album Element.

Described by Burns as a “pop album for introverts,” the nine-track body of work due for release next year is set to evoke a sense of joy that tides us over in the toughest of times. For now, Louise Burns takes on a classic with her own unique style blending seamlessly with synth-laden quality of the classic.

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