LOVER shares debut EP ‘It’s A Wild World’

Australian artist LOVER shares his idyllic debut EP It’s A Wild World. Spanning five tracks, the EP is an exquisite insight into the world of LOVER and his glorious, relaxing sounds. Opening with the dreamy “Super Car Racer”, LOVER displays the EP’s musical trajectory. Noting it as his favourite song on the EP, the track sees an array of idyllic sounds perfected for soundtracking lazy summer days. This is a real treat, prepare yourself for more prestige soundscapes. 

Weaving auto-tuned vocals with soft piano keys among healthy, hearty beats, “Higher Powers” is a delicate number. Sparked with R&B undertones, the track reflects sultry grooves and pairs them with synthetic textures. Following with the EP’s most pop-leaning track,  “Waiting Up” shares further auto-tuned vocals and humming melodies. A clear display of electronica drawing on pop intimacies, “Waiting Up”, featuring Cult Shotta’s three-dimensional additions, is the best single by far. It’s a pure treat of glitchy PC pop. 

Whilst “Last Puzzle Piece” offers a calming moment of reflection, EP closer “Spiders” is the guitar-plucking single that sees LOVER at his most vulnerable. Layered with lo-fi vocals, the track is a soothing number serving hazy melodies and introspective thoughts. “Lyrically all the tracks have a reassuring theme pushing the idea that even though “It’s A Wild World” we’ll still make it through,” explains LOVER. “I was finding myself writing more and more songs that had this positive drift and decided to lean into it. I tried not to overthink it and there’s something comforting about being able to sing ideas in their purest form.”

It’s A Wild World quite clearly showcases LOVER’s sonic versatility. Weaving and combining an array of genres to produce one of the sleekest debut EPs of 2020, LOVER has done an incredible job. 

It’s A Wild World is out now on Mammal Sounds Records.

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