LP’s “One Last Time” is an emotional rollercoaster that we all want to ride [Video]

It’s hard to think of a voice in modern music as hypnotizing as LP‘s, and her knack for pulling at your emotions is unmatched. Her new song “One Last Time” will definitely make you think about your ex…a lot.

“One Last Time,” written with longtime LP collaborator Mike Del Rio perfectly captures the feeling of nostalgic yearning, a scene you keep replaying, thinking how you would do something different and knowing you can never go back to that specific place and time. LP’s voice carries so much emotion. You can feel it so vividly. 

LP always manages to create songs that break your heart but feel like a celebration. As soon as the chorus hits, it’s like a cathartic release. It’s so liberating, and it’s just made for an audience to sing along to. The cinematic overtones and the way her voice just effortlessly floats over each lyric adds so much depth. 

LP explains, in a recent press release, “No matter how little or much we get of someone, we find ourselves fantasizing about the past with them and the things we wished we’d said or done before our time together was through.” Especially right now, when we’ve all reached this state of hindsight, it’s hard to escape our cycling thoughts, and she captures that feeling so well.

The accompanying video directed by Stephen “Norswrthy” Schofield and starring Jamie King sets the scene with lush visuals. A sprawling mansion, gorgeous outfits, a sense of mystery and drama. 

“One Last Time” is the third single off of LP’s highly-anticipated album coming later this year. Her previous two songs for her upcoming album include “The One That You Love” and “How Low Can You Go,” released in July and November of 2020, respectively. She rose to fame in 2017 with the release of “Lost On You,” which now has over one billion streams.

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