Luna Luna reflect on quarantine with new single “Time”

Dallas-based band Luna Luna are known for their vintage brand of pop. Following their 2019 EP Carousel which featured appearances from Victor Internet and Pretty Boy Aaron, the indie outfit is back with a new single, “Time.”

On “Time,” the four-piece band put their own spin on a classic indie pop sound. With an earworm of a bassline, horns, and dreamy synths, it’s hard not to get up and dance. In fact, the song is a groovy reminder to seize the day and let loose for a while. The first verse sums their call to action up well: “I’m living it up  / You sow what you reap / Don’t be the one to hesitate / You know that time keeps going.” 

“Time” is accompanied by a heartwarming lyric video, in which Luna Luna dance around a campfire in a blissful celebration of living in the moment. What makes the band so enjoyable to watch is their chemistry – the joy they receive from each other’s company is palpable. Keeping in line with the song’s retro sound, video carries the intimate feel of a 90’s VHS home video, providing a compatible visual component to the uplifting track. 

Speaking further on the single, Luna Luna say, “Being stuck in quarantine made us want time to go by faster but at the same time the faster time goes the older we get and the more we think about what life experiences we are missing out on by being stuck inside. It is about how you want time to go by quickly when you are not enjoying the moment and how you want time to stand still when you are in love with the moment.”

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