Luna Luna reveals all the details on their new album, 'Flower Moon'

Dallas, Texas four-piece band Luna Luna showcased their single, “Early Morning,” not too long ago. From there, it stayed as an earworm that left me wanting more. Now, the cure has come as Luna Luna recently released their album, Flower Moon, and  joined EARMILK for an exclusive track-by-track breakdown.

It all starts with “Flower Moon,” the title track. A beautiful, swaying introduction that sounds as relaxing as a night swim in the middle of summer. That takes us into tracks like “Golden” and “Early Morning,” with disco and psychedelic layers, funky basses and tight guitar riffs that one will find all throughout the album.

Other tracks like “Call Me Up” and “Love Song” have a more laidback or R&B sound, but still maintain the vibe rather than taking us out. Luna Luna keeps an equilibrium between relaxation and excitement.

Out of all the tracks, those that really stand out are “Feel it Now”  and “Baby Loner.” The bass groove of the former is tangible and infectious. A juicy bass, bouncing drums and a sliding, luxurious guitar that will not quit, “Feel It Now” will allow you to let loose. It sounds straight off a Tame Impala album. 

It all ends with “Breathing Yellow,” closing just as beautifully as it started.  An instrumental track, it really makes the album feel like a complete story.

Listen and read along with the band’s track-by-track breakdown below!

Flower Moon – "Flower Moon" is the title track to this project. This song came together really quickly. It was just a spur of the moment. We got together in a room knowing we needed one more song and this just started to come out. This song is about talking to the moon. I pictured a lost boy living confused about life so he resorts to asking the moon for answers. 

Golden – "Golden" is about knowing you’re the shit, and everyone around you knows it too. Some people dig it, others hate it, but deep down both sides love me. The inspo for the song came from just living life. I draw unlimited inspiration just from waking up everyday. We’ve been working with Pretty Boy Aaron since 2018, and he helped start the demo for this song from a lost Luna Luna baseline. 

Early Morning – "Early morning" is about wanting to physically be with someone. You know sometimes you can facetime and text all day with someone but at some point that’s not enough and you need to be physically there with them. It’s definitely the most lustful song on the project. I’ve fallen in love with bass recently and that’s what started this song. I think this song is perfect for a night time drive on the highway. That’s when I listen to it the most. 

Love Song – This song has a funny origin story actually. I was with my girlfriend at the mall and she was taking a while at the store so I started messing around with garageband on my phone and I made the beat to this song and the chorus right in the middle of the store. The song itself is about a last desperate attempt at trying to convince your significant other to not leave the relationship. It’s like a love letter in song form. 

Feel It Now – "Feel It Now" is our most anthemic song. We wanted to make a huge unstoppable song, and I think that’s what it came out to be. I think the production really takes centerstage on this one. I feel like as soon as the drums come in you’re transported into this vibe that doesn’t let you go. The lyrics are really just about chasing that feeling of ecstasy and longing for it. Sometimes you just wanna let loose and this is the song that you can do that to.

Call Me Up – For this song we were listening to a lot of The Isley Brothers and they definitely inspired this song. It is our take on those early 2000’s R&B songs we would listen to growing up. The theme of this song is about making one last call to your significant other hoping they pick up and still feel the same way that you do. 

One Thing –  Lyrically I just decided to talk about what I was going through in my relationship. I like that the beat sounds very upbeat but the lyrics still have some emotional range. I knew I wanted to get a feature on this song so I started thinking of options. A few months ago my girlfriend showed me a song by The Undercover Dream Lovers and I started listening to him all the time. I just shot him a message on Instagram and to my surprise he said he was down. He killed his part and it made the song a lot better. 

A Different Color Doesn’t Stay – For this song we took a musical retreat and went to a small town in Texas called Spur with a few artists and producer friends. This was the result. We started working on this song in the middle of that crazy snow storm in Texas back in February. This song is all about change. Whether it be the seasons, people in your life or your own self. It’s about embracing change and accepting that it’s inevitable. 

Baby Loner – Regret. I feel like there’s not much in my life that I have regrets about except for things that have happened in my love life. This song is about being down and lost. Just about feeling at your lowest point emotionally but still with a whisper of hope. 

Breathing Yellow – This is the last track that we worked on. We really just wanted this track to be the credits of the album. It sounds like a “goodbye” mixed with a “see you later”.

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