Luna Luna’s new track will have you dancing till the “Early Morning”

Growing up around the Dallas music scene and having a shared love for Selena Quintanilla, members Kavvi, Daniel Bonilla, Kaylin Martinez, and Ryan "Gordo" Gordon all came together to create the band Luna Luna and, what they like to call, “sweetheart jams.” Set to release their "Flower Moon" album on August 13th, today, they share the psych-pop track "Early Morning"

Written about the desire to be with someone physically, Luna Luna really turns that feeling into a soundscape. A thrusting and funky bass leads us through this psychedelic track filled with other entangling and swirly synths. Lead singer Kavvi carries a lot of range. The background vocals tie it together to create an echo that encapsulates those longing feelings.

The group shared, "'Early Morning' is about wanting to physically be with someone. You know sometimes you can facetime and text all day with someone but at some point that’s not enough and you need to be physically there with them. It’s definitely the most lustful song on the project. I’ve fallen in love with bass recently and that’s what started this song. I think this song is perfect for a night time drive on the highway. That’s when I listen to it the most."

Be sure to stay informed about the release of their upcoming LP Flower Moon. Catch them on tour near you later this year.

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