Lurka returns to Timedance with “Rhythm Hi-Tek” EP

Bristol-based Lurka has returned to Timedance with a four-track, bass-fuelled EP that was designed to destroy dance floors. Described on Twitter as “4 tracks 4 your mind and body,” the Rhythm Hi-Tek EP is one which spans various moods and genres.

Opener “Point Noise Behaviours” get the EP off to a distinctly dystopian start; it’s robotic, raw and bleepy. With these elements combined lending the track an eerie, unsettling edge, it feels particularly fitting for 2020. “ssppeedd” is one that was made with a dancefloor and huge soundsystem in mind. Prolonged, bass-y build ups break down into mind-melting breakbeats that will cause guaranteed carnage.

Following the collaboration between Lurka and Batu back in January, the solo EP adopts a far darker sound — and does a brilliant job of showcasing Lurka’s unique style. “Minds Eye Trip” offers subtle breaks, strong percussion and brief cuts of extra-terrestrial noises which come together to present a track which is as fun as it is strange. The aura remains slightly sinister, yet you can’t help but shake your hips to it. “Rhythm Hi-Tek” rounds off the EP in the weird and wonderful form we have come to expect. Bass-heavy, it’s a ground shaker to say the least — everything that’s right about the UK sound.

Rhythm Hi-Tek can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

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