Luss and Joe Craze show us how there are "No Angels" here [Video]

Luss and Joe Craze drop a new visual called "No Angels," filled with heartbreaking yet powerful and impactful delivery through a story that will move you to your core.

Other than "Changes," which he was a feature on back in 2019, "No Angels" is Luss' proper debut track. This newcomer has arrived to the scene with a heartfelt message and a storyline that's left us shocked and in tears. An undeniably talented producer and musician, Joe Craze is featured on this track and offers up a soothing and heavenly vocal performance. The piano keys, snaps, and lo-fi sounds in the production provide a calming aura to allow the vocals to have a greater presence. The vivid storytelling perfectly blends with the accompanying music video as we see a child witnessing the harsh realities of this world, especially as a minority. Press play and listen to the pain and emotion that are intertwined into every poetic line. 
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