Lynks Afrikka tells us exactly “How To Be Successful” [Video]

True to form, brash electro-pop artist Lynks Afrikka returns with a whimsical tongue-in-cheek social commentary with the provocatively witty single “How To Be Successful”. Twinned with incredibly ludicrous visuals, the single is quite simply divine. 

Overflowing with industrial electro beats and elastic, pulsating synths, “How To Be Successful” is a rousing single from start to finish. Effusing effervescent dance traits, the single professes the pressures to achieve the ‘perfect’ life. With Lynks’ humourous lyricism throughout, “How To Be Successful” is yet another glossy, visceral serving of millennial angst.

“As a young person it sometimes feels like you’ve been spat onto this conveyor belt and your whole life is set out in front of you: go to uni, get a job, get a wife, get kids. And all that so you can die happy,” explains Lynks. “It feels like you need to make all these decisions and know exactly what you want RIGHT NOW otherwise you’ll end up unemployed, unloved and unsatisfied. This song was my way of dealing with that frustration. It’s about realising that if you spend every day striving for some dictionary definition of ‘success’, you’ll end up missing your whole life in the process.”

Wild and ridiculously fun, Lynks Afrikka is a kaleidoscopic artist who just doesn’t give a fuck. Creating loud and abrasive music with a wonderful aesthetic to match, it’s time to don those gladrags and order one to many cocktails, cos Lynks Afrikka has provided your vivacious soundtrack for success.

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