Lyrah considers the tumultuous year on “Slow Down”

They say that art is a reflection of life itself, and throughout much of the year, artists the world over have interpreted the tumultuous circumstances in all manner of ways, but none quite as enchantingly as San Francisco-based artist and producer Lyrah. Her latest, “Slow Down,” was inspired by sensations of lost time while the world invariably stood still, a concept no doubt related to by us all.

A sombre set of piano chords swiftly ushers in the slow-burning emotion, laying the perfect foundation for her softly lachrymose vocals to transcend your consciousness into the rapturous and pensive atmosphere. Further textures slowly flesh out the soundscape, following the increase of exasperation in her vocal performance with each passing cadence, building towards a captivating final chorus which completes the track with fleetingly hopeful synth melody.

Speaking to the track in an email statement, she outlines, “I wrote this song over Zoom with my best friend,” explains Lyrah. “This was two months into the pandemic. And while we were reminded of how precious life was, it felt like we had no control over it. This song is what came out of that conversation and the chorus captured it best – ‘maybe I should really know by now, how to make the world slow down’.”

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