M-Dot , Kool G Rap, and Revalation provide some much needed lyrical "Decadence"

"Decadence" is the newest release from veteran Boston emcee M-Dot. In this latest single, he recruits EMS affiliate Revalation and legendary lyricist and Juice Crew member Kool G Rap for a relentless onslaught of brilliant wordplay and masterful vocal delivery. "Decadence" is an era bridging piece that brings the art of classic hip-hop rhyme schemes to the forefront over a funky bass crafted by former original Beatnuts member The Mighty V.I.C.

Rap lovers would recognize the Ghanain funk sample employed here and would even appreciate it further with the way it was flipped into something refreshing for the emcees to display their lyrical prowess. Kool G Rap leads the charge with his multi-syllabic rhyme schemes riddled with references of icons from the '80s, and then followed by M-Dot's animated flow and '90s references. Revalation closes it out with his distinct gruff style and lyrics steeped in references of the '00s. The final seal is provided by DJ Jean Maron who ties the verses with some superb scratches to complete the mission.

The song is mastered by prolific engineer Eddie Sancho (Illmatic, Ready To Die, Reasonable Doubt, etc) and it's taken from M-Dot's upcoming vinyl Dining In Dystopia which is set to drop in the 1st quarter of 2022.

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