Maasho drops eclectic new two pack of singles, "Cardigan/Fashion Killa"

In 2021, the battle for consumers' attention spans have only gotten more tough with the array of different streaming options, making it tough for creators to stand out among the herd. After gaining a bit of a buzz on the back of a few well-received singles, Raleigh, North Carolina native Maasho is looking to shake up the average rollout. Instead of dropping a fully fleshed out single, or even an EP, he opts to combine these notions with his energetic new release, "Cardigan/Fashion Killa."

Clocking in at one-minute each, both "Cardigan," and "Fashion Killa," showcase different sides of Maasho's artistry. On the former, he spends the 60-seconds in absolute go-mode, displaying a unique ability to switch through flows at the drop of the dime without risking anything lyrically. Utilizing his infectious range as a vocalist, he bends his voice to accompany those flows with a strong knack for melodic direction over the high-octane production. "Fashion Killa," on the other hand finds Maasho's calming things down a bit, utilizing different vocal effects to bring a completely different vibe to this lo-fi inspired record. With each record clocking in at one-minute each, it's not far-fetched to find yourself running through these songs more than a few times each. 

In all, Maasho does a great job of highlighting different talents over the course of the two records. Be sure to take a listen to them above and get familiar with the rising North Carolina talent. 

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