MacLo return to Rhythm Department Records with four blissful house cuts

MacLo have returned to Manchester’s Rhythm Department Records with a new four-track EP, Not Here For Palm Trees. A one-stop shop for uplifting summer beats, Not Here For Palm Trees is filling the festival-shaped holes in this summer; if you close your eyes, you might as well be on the beach in Tisno. Describing the label as “dedicated to providing the finest selection of house gems for your listening pleasure,” the latest release will satisfy all your deepest house music needs.

The opening track “Understand” gets straight in at the deep end with a straight-up euphoric banger. Choppy vocals are layered over a bubbling bassline to ensure maximum levels of bliss, whilst elated piano chords act as the cherry on the cake — making “Understand” deserving of a place on everyone’s essential house playlists. “Do You Freak It” steps things up a notch with its strong percussion and dreamy synths, creating a combination that gels together perfectly. The upbeat tempo and bouncy bassline ensure that “Do You Freak It” is ready to do damage on the dancefloor, whilst the hazy melodies keep things feeling fresh and summery; regardless of the scenario, it’s a tune for all occasions.

Without losing the distinct sound the EP carries, “E-MODE” adopts a slightly darker, bassier tone — perfect for early mornings in dark clubs. Distorted vocals keep things trippy and club-orientated whilst jubilant synths add that little bit of end-of-the-night energy to things to keep everyone dancing until the sun comes up. “Won’t Let You Get Away” brings the EP to a close with a lively, wholly fun piece of house music. Repetitive vocals whip the listener into a trance as the booming bassline takes control. Occasional shimmery pads take us to a dreamlike place for a few minutes, making this one perfect for deep after-hours listening. 

Not Here For Palm Trees can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp. 

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