Macy Kate delivers an empowering anthem with "Sugar"

Los Angeles artist MACY KATE drops feisty single “Sugar,” with a swaggy soundscape featuring her bold vocals and a smooth alt-R&B vibe. Inspired by deception in her own relationship, the buoyant track explores the sharp dichotomy of feelings that sway from anger to relief when the toxic relationship finally comes to an end.

Written with the specific goal to be a feminist anthem that builds a community around women who have gone through the pain of a cheating partner, the rising singer taps into girl power and self-love on the track. With a song writing style which fuses savagery and humor with barely-there tinges of vulnerability, the bubbly musician channels her natural positive spirit as her powerful voices blends with glitchy yet fluid sonics.

Paired with a vibrant music video inspired by the fantasy elements of the iconic Tea Party scene in Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, Macy Kate showcases her luxurious class juxtaposed against her punchy musicality. A track that sees her swerve from her signature pop sound into something more emotive and mature, “Sugar,” thrums with empowerment, self-love and confidence that marks the turn of a new sound in Kate’s artistry.

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