Madison Rose releases colorful video for TikTok hit “rainbow phone.” [Video]

Singer-songwriter Madison Rose’s latest release, “rainbow phone.” has garnered excitement on the social network, TikTok. The accompanying music video boasts an eccentric retro theme. Rose’s creativity shines as she plays a housewife watching upon her alter ego in a vibrant infomercial, equipped with quirky outfits and classic style. 

“Rainbow phone.” has a new wave sound combined with funky bass drops. The artist’s unique vocals mixed with structured raps make this song a catchy listen. The song and its energetic visuals accentuate Rose’s confidence and free spirit. She raps, “Tangerine, lemon, cherry, Drippin’ all over me. I’m ya notorious Roy G. Biv.” The track is the perfect depiction of her rainbow-like personality and LGBTQIA+ advocacy. 

Madison Rose has an elegant style with a modern-day flare. Despite her harmonious melodies, she also succeeds at delivering short raps that pack a punch. She describes her creative process, “I am deeply inspired by rap culture and wanted to put my own rainbow pop spin on it.” Genre neutral “rainbow phone.” pushes the boundaries of pop music. The music video is an entertaining liberation of a bored housewife, enthralled by glamor and beauty on her TV screen. With the viral help of TikTok and a cult following on social media, she brilliantly uses her platform to promote her quirky artistry and nurture her growing fanbase. 

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