Mala Strana ignites Desert Hearts Black imprint with debut ‘Enceladus’ EP

Dallas native Mala Strana debuts his first 3-track EP via rising melodic house and techno imprint Desert Hearts Black. Having made his first mark on the label with contributions to the inaugural compilation, the now-available Enceladus EP finds itself right at home amongst other emerging producers in the genre. The EP is available now via your streaming platform of choice and for purchase via Beatport.

The EP’s namesake ignites the fire that burns through each of the EP’s three tracks like wildfire. Much like the mythology inspiring its title, “Enceladus” is a gargantuan production, leading listeners down a dark path through steely melodic progressions and intricate harmonies until reaching an explosive peak post-breakdown. “Awakened” follows the preceding composition with a higher tempo and added layers of roaring synths and percussion. “Breathe You In” immediately captures attention with full-bodied analog plucks and cascading melodies that give off a shadowy atmosphere, bringing the EP to its conclusion. 

The rich depth in tonality and expressive range of energies that comprise Mala Strana’s first Enceladus EP finds itself quite at home to the afterhours’ aesthetic of Desert Hearts Black. Prior to catching the eyes of label heads Marbs and Evan Casey, Mala’s work has also been signed to prestigious imprints like Parquet and Audiophile Deep. The pair have actively demonstrated an ear for raw talent, already positioning their new label as a premier support hub for melodic house and techno’s next-gen greats. 

Having already built a strong foundation for himself in his hometown of Dallas, Texas, serving as a resident at staple venues across the southern city, Mala Strana looks ahead as the Enceladus EP duly demands his presence on the club circuits upon reopening. 

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