Mall Daze shares their dark and infectious album “Ash House”

Dark wave duo Mall Daze drops their intense new album Ash House emitting riveting grit. Experiencing many losses in his life, not only deaths but also parting ways with friends, member Tyrell Tompkins was filled with feelings of immense hopelessness and despair. The soul-stirring album is his way of releasing all his pent up emotions that have been slowly erupting inside him.

The offering commences with “Pelican Priest”. Oozing with an 80s sound indicative of The Cure, the haunting track highlights distorted guitars, pulsating percussion and emotive vocals. Vehemently singing, “I don’t know just why, I always miss you when you close your eyes,” the lyrics give off Aerosmith “I don’t want to miss a thing” vibes.

The uptempo nostalgia of “Ten Favorites” transports you straight into a teen flick with its vibrant, grungy guitars and fast-paced drums. This retro punk-inspired track’s passionate pull and danceable quality make it the ideal catchy release. Vocalist and guitarist Tompkins explains, “It just reminded me of songs that I consider driving songs at night with windows down. I harken back to leaving my girlfriend’s (now my wife) house as a teen and daydreaming about a future with cool friends and nothing but this soundtrack to your life pocket of (ten favorite) songs that are only right at a perfect time of a late dusk sort of evening.” 

The title track “Ash House” is an instrumental piece that features wistful, atmospheric soundscapes and is the essence of tripped out tranquility. Radiating the echoes of a tropical rainforest, the song whisks you away to an alternate world. It is the perfect pallet cleanser for this otherwise punchy, potent album.

Mall Daze is an intoxicating twosome comprised of Tyrell Tompkins and Kipp Riley. Their sound possesses a dusky dream-pop air seeping with sincerity. Their sentimental songs are perfect for long drives shared with some good friends. Check out Ash House now.

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