Mamalarky ponders love in new single “How To Say”

Many of us seem to have a little more time on our hands these days, allowing for deep diving into the waters of our mind, so cavernous and all—the latest single from charming indie-pop group Mamalarky, “How To Say,” is a byproduct of just that. Thoughts about love and its complexities float in a rich mixture of jingle-jangle electric guitars, and energetic drum fills, that with a robust bassline leading from underneath, create a tranquility-inducing potion you can’t help take in again and again.

The gentle vocals of lead singer, and ex-Cherry Glazerr bassist, Livvy Bennett add a creamy texture to the new single: slow, smooth, and cool, they explore love’s layers playfully. Devin says of the song: “I’m bored. We’re all bored. We wrote and recorded a song during this boring time. Here is exactly what it sounds like as a waveform. It’s about falling in love and not knowing exactly how to say it yet.” So, an innocent yet complex subject, fun and serious, all wrapped in psych-pop silk real colorful too, and it all came from a period of boredom: art.

The music video for “How To Say,” directed by Michael Hunter and Livvy Bennett, adds to the fun and comforting experience the music provides with a first-take-only approach and a lo-fi aesthetic so fitting. As an entire product, “How To Say” is telling of our wandering thoughts, of our desires, floating about, and of our ever-present emotions, stimulated or suppressed by a changing world we may or may not recognize in due time.

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