Mamalarky release “Schism Trek” ahead of debut LP [Video]

Mamalarky have released a new single titled “Schism Trek” ahead of their self titled debut album. Finding inspiration in the likes of Sant & Johnny, Sheer Mag and The Four Seasons, Mamalarky traverse genres and space and time to create a standout fresh sound.

“Schism Trek” comes in at under three minutes and there isn’t a wasted second as intricate guitar and bubbly synth riffs jump into high gear. The rhythm section holds it down while understated vocals melodies quickly form something utterly catchy. In the latter half the track soars into a well earned instrumental passage before swooping back into an approximation of the chorus that is quite possibly the highlight of the track. It’s not everyday that you hear a band that knows exactly how they want to sound, and the confidence and technical prowess Mamalarky displays in “Schism Trek” is infectious.

The band’s geographical distance came to inspire “Schism Trek” as they split between LA and Austin when not on tour. Speaking on the track guitarist and singer Livvy Bennett says, ‘“Schism Trek” explores what life looks like when you’re finding your way without the comfort of your friends beside you.” As many people have been separated from friends and family this year, “Schism Trek” has taken on a new meaning and feels more relevant than ever. 

The accompanying video relies on tried and true VHS tape to show each member of the band exploring idyllic countryside as a meandering piece of rope connects them between shots. Plenty of eye catching details fill the scenery (spot the chicken and the kitten) and the retro visuals perfectly fit the vibe of the song.

Catch Mamalarky’s self titled debut album out on out on Fire Talk Records November 20.

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