Mani Festo joins E-Beamz with fierce new EP ‘Continuum’

Mani Festo has joined the E-Beamz roster with a blistering new five-track EP. A melting pot of Jungle, House, Breaks and beyond, Continuum pays homage to the best of UK Rave music. If this EP is anything to go by, there are no limitations when it comes to Nick Marks’ creative output.

Title track “Continuum” sets the pace for the rest of the EP, jumping straight in with a nostalgic banger. Whilst the first couple of minutes consists of bass-heavy breaks, almost creeping into electro territory, shimmery pads are layered over the top to whisk the listener into a dreamlike state. Throw in some choppy oldskool vocals and this one sounds like it could be from years ago. A tune that was made with the dancefloor in mind, it has that extra emotional layer that’s going to make it memorable for time to come.

“Baltic Sea” kicks things up a notch, jumping straight in with heavy breaks and high energy. Instantly darker and deadlier than its predecessor, this tune was made exclusively for murky rooms. Deep, bass-y wobbles give “Baltic Sea” that eerie edge that makes it so club-ready. Airy pads allow a little bit of light into what is otherwise a complete melter. “Full Circle” is a true jungle-burner and a standout on an incredibly strong EP. Taking absolutely no prisoners, “Full Circle” is full-throttle from the off. Hardcore breaks, droning wobbles and just a few odd noises thrown over the top make this one a rave tune, through and through. It’s hard to imagine how good this one’s going to sound on a proper sound system.

Remaining club-focused, “Explorer” offers something completely different, but equally impressive. Losing the breaks for a slamming four-to-the-floor bassline, this is one for all the techno heads. Spooky synths feature in the background to keep “Explorer” atmospheric, whilst a concoction of bleeps transports us to another, much weirder, dimension. “What You’ve Done To Me” rounds things off with a stripped back, more relaxed spin on dance music. Though the DnB and Jungle influences shine through, the atmosphere is far more relaxed, making it perfect for your home listening playlist. It further showcases Marks’ talents as a producer, with every track on the EP sounding fresh and unrelated. 

Continuum can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

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