Mariposa finds peace within the "Nunca" [Video]

Multilingual artist Mariposa has been on our radar since we stumbled on her "Callan" video earlier this year. She has since dropped some singles and now returns with the video for her new single "Nunca" which is the third visual of hers we are covering. As a proponent of Latin rap, she is steadily carving her niche and staying in her lane with her genre-defying style that strays from pandering to the norm. "Nunca" is Mariposa's emotional release and details the feelings of being misunderstood by people close to you. The topic might be solemn but she chose to use OUHBOY's summery and bass-heavy trap backdrop as her canvas to vent.

Directed by Slicevisuals, the visual follows Mariposa as she turns to nature's serenity for an escape from the craziness around her. The artist goes into the woods to center her chakra and find who she truly is away from the maddening crowd. The visual also has an engaging surreal feel merging the modern world with the magical escapism of nature as we see Mariposa in her element doing what she loves.

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