Mark Saunders shares "Platform 333" featuring Mickey Factz [Video]

Rising Bronx emcee Mark Saunders teams up with fellow BX native Mickey Factz for this conceptual track titled "Platform 333," which details how humans' survival instincts kick in when the proverbial poop hits the fan. The duo makes use of a moody and ominous instrumental to perfectly break down the different types of individuals we might encounter in the concrete jungle, each trying to survive by any means necessary. Saunders set the pace with his off-beat and animated flow followed by Factz' vivid metaphor-driven rhymes, all tied together by a cryptic sounding hook.

The music video for "Platform 333" is a visual metaphor for classism and the nuances in each floor are observed from a first-person perspective where viewers follow it from the bottom to the top floor. The video starts at the bottom floors among the impoverished, and later scales onto the roof with a celebratory vibe. It represents the duality of society, where privileged families lounge in splendor while the have-nots struggle for their next meal. The video was heavily inspired by the Netflix Sci-fi/thriller 'The Platform', where the upperclassmen believe they're genuinely assisting those less fortunate without assessing if such tactics are being properly delegated. Their empty donations only enable the vicious cycle.

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Saunders hit the ground running in his early teens and released his first project in 2017. Now, with multiple projects under his belt (his latest EP Prisoner of Love released in 2019), Saunders has his sights set on his new and forthcoming work.

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