Marlow share their dynamic new EP 'Enthusiast'

Eastbourne, East Sussex band Marlow unveil their compelling new EP 'Enthusiast'. Diving deep into a relationship breakdown it takes you on a whirlwind. The release focuses on pushing through those dark times of deep sadness in order to find light. Each track is so raw as they journey through the stages of sorrow and madness.

Opening with “Foreign Land”, it immediately hits you with a powerful passion. The bold beats, pounding percussion and glistening guitars create a freeing sensation. Being in a foreign land can be frightening, but it can also be very exciting and thrilling as well. The tune is all about navigating through the challenges of starting over, but with a renewed lust for life. 

“Blame It” details the anger that can arise when a partnership is nearing its end. The fast-paced in-your-face energy of the offering evokes those feelings of intensity that can come from an argument. The message of the song is you can blame our demise on anything else, but do not pin this all on me. Often when things fall apart we are quick to place blame, making this so relatable.

You know those times when are still dealing with aftermath of a broken heart? Usually others will advise that it is best to be alone for a while and rediscover yourself. Though a lot of the time that is very sound advice, it is human nature to crave that loving, affection you once had. The EP’s ender, “Someone, Anyone” is all about these two conflicting ideas. With light drums and strong, emotive vocals you really feel that battle of mind and heart.  

The five-piece band is comprised of Freddie (Vocals), Joe (Guitar), Seb (Bass), Archie (Synth) and Liam (Drums). Known for their organic music surging with so much sentiment, every piece Marlow constructs comes from the heart. This EP is no different. Inspired by musical talents such as Oasis and Tame Impala, they exude this spirited and mysterious air.

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