Mary Cicilia shares the sharply tender pop cut “Hourglass”

From Sweden to the world, Stockholm-based singer-songwriter Mary Cicilia proves that she is well on her way to becoming a veritable pop tour-de-force, even with her debut single alone. The world got a taste of her vocal prowess back in 2018, on her articulate and blood-pumping collaboration with electro-pop artist and fellow Scandinavian Discrete, “WITHOUT YOU.” In 2020, her own story emphatically begins, with the polished and expressive “Hourglass.”

A softly plucked acoustic guitar introduces the tender atmosphere, as her soaring vocal flickers in and out of a sublime falsetto. As the production builds to embellish her vocal, the rhythm weaves into the pockets left behind by her stellar vocal melodies. The result is a mesmeric dichotomy of lovesick introspection and body-moving pop, ready to soundtrack any summer mood.

Speaking to the track in an email statement, she shares that “Hourglass came out of a long-distance relationship and is about waiting for a person, but only for so long. It’s more than okay and often necessary to set your own time-limits so you don’t end up waiting and missing out on your own life. Hourglass has this positive vibe and also some attitude, and it really helped me process some personal things.”

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