Matt Koelsch and Christie Huff unite for their stunning new single “Turn Around” [Video]

Singer-songwriter’s Matt Koelsch and Christie Huff have joined forces in their latest single “Turn Around.” Combining their mutual knack for penning songs with substance, the duo deliver an incandescent performance, shimmering with soaring string arrangements, warming guitar melodies, and soulful, layered harmonies. 

“Turn Around” speaks about the fiery passion between two people and the swarm of butterflies that occur when you meet in the hustle and bustle of a public place. A feeling I’m sure we’re all familiar with, the two have concocted a passionate and heartfelt release, which is relatable to the masses. This feeling of burning affection is portrayed through the undeniable chemistry between the two artists, with Koelsch and Huff telling their love story through velvet vocals and wistful instrumentation. 

Huff shares, “Turn Around to me is the classic love story of every hopeless romantic’s dream. The idea to long for someone to notice you. I relate because I am definitely a hopeless romantic and have definitely dreamed of somebody to just turn around so we can begin our epic love story! “Turn Around” has a very classic vibe and story that is timeless, everyone can relate!”

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