matty co. says “I’m Gone” in new single

Los Angeles-based alt-rock artist matty co. has just released “I’m Gone”. The track follows his releases of singles “The Canyon” and “Won’t Do” shared earlier this year.

“I’m Gone” is an explosive kaleidoscope of sound with a melancholic undertown. Fusing darkly rich guitar riffs, driving basslines and melodic harmonies, “I’m Gone” is a defiant and decadent blend of alt-rock meets synth pop. matty co.’s vocals soar over searing synths singing a statement of self-preservation. With lyrics including, “Movin’ on this one way train / You keep tryin’ to change my pace / Turn the page to escape all the shade you created /I’m gone,” matty co. won’t take anyone’s sh*t and will turn a blind eye to naysayers. He is confident in himself and won’t let anyone deter him or stop him from his rightful path.

matty co. is a new musical solo project of Los Angeles-based Matt Cohen. Cohen has been a fixture on the alt-rock scene for many years performing in popular bands including Teenage Wrist, Holy Wars and NEW LANGUAGE. The songwriter is also known for going viral on social media multiple times with his satirical and comedic side winning over fans around the globe. “I’m Gone” is his fourth single to date and with more music to come, we can’t wait to hear what is next from this musical visionary.

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