Max Green & Kislaw share melancholic new single “Moving Slow”

Max Green and Kislaw’s latest output, “Moving Slow”, is a captivating song that effortlessly blends upbeat and feel-good melodies with an underlying melancholic message. The song’s catchy beats and groovy rhythms, work perfectly with Max Green’s heartfelt and relatable lyrics are expertly crafted over Kislaw’s lush array of productions.

What makes “Moving Slow” stand out is its ability to capture the process of falling in love and the need for something to maintain control and sanity. Max Green’s existentialist and introspective approach to songwriting is evident in the song’s lyrics, touching on topics of self-identity, romance, and heartbreak. Kislaw’s signature blend of influences, including Hip-Hop, House, RnB, pop, and EDM, add depth and complexity to the song.

Supported by a host of media outlets and industry professionals, Max Green and Kislaw are making a name for themselves in the French scene, LA scene, and beyond. “Moving Slow” is a testament to their collaborative efforts and their ability to create music that resonates with audiences worldwide.

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