Max Leone gets existential on his fifth single “5”

Now more than ever there is a feeling of existentialism in the air. Though it may be affecting everyone differently, it’s making certain people question their role in the world, in turn making the younger generations grow up a little faster than they probably would have otherwise. Max Leone is no exception to this and explores his own existential reality on his new single, “5.”

The song begins with synths, before Leone’s vocal comes in almost immediately, setting the mood as he sings, “Loss of innocence / Death of ignorance is bliss.” Electric drums are introduced creating a beat that shapes his speech pattern into more of a conversational one, as he delves further into his thoughts, singing “And just think what have I done? / Who have I loved?” Leone seems to be grappling with life’s meaning and what’s important to him. This becomes more evident as he reaches the chorus, singing “If I only had five minutes to live.” During the chorus, the track transitions into one that is less sonically harsh and more lo-fi, or even ambient, supporting Leone’s vocal in such a way that he’s able to lean in and sing more out right.

The second verse shifts the track back, as Leone sings about confronting his fears and doubts, seeming to put his trust in the universe, “We’re shaking hands with fears and doubts / Throw wishes at the clouds / The shift is any second now.” The track changes once again for the bridge of the song, reminding me of something that you would hear in a scene of Stranger Things, before returning to the chorus. As the song ends, Leone repeats the lyric, “No I don’t wanna waste it,” appearing to push through his existentialism and arrive at the conclusion that he wants to live life to the fullest, even if it looks differently than he thought it would. 

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