MAX RAD delivers hope and tranquillity on ‘Joy Wonder’

Bristol-based emerging producer, singer-songwriter, DJ and multi-instrumentalist MAX RAD delivers hope and tranquillity on groovy nine-track album Joy Wonder, which showcases his emotive and diverse artistry.

Opening with dreamy and calming feel of layered production “Let Me Think About It,” with warped synth-tinged sonics, the album immediately captivates us with warmth and infectious soundscapes.

The atmospheric, soulful style of  “Mooshine,” which shows off his hazy vocal lines is balanced by the anthemic arrangement of “Roll Out,” and the vibrant beats of “Hold Fire,” before the celebratory mood of electro-tinged title track “Joy Wonder,” closes out the project with its earworm melodies.

Managing to be uplifting and serene all at once, the record which draws inspiration from the awe-inspiring landscape of Cornwall urges us to work through grief and emerge a stronger, more hopeful person.

Known for his lush and expansive yet intimate, snapshot-like musicality, MAX RAD keeps going from strength to strength as he develops his ability to allure and transport us into the easy-flowing, intricate sonic world he has built for us.

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