MAXINE reveals her struggles with finding love in new EP 'Minor felt Major'

Daring singer-songwriter MAXINE has not always been that lucky when it comes to love. In her college days, she experienced the pain of many failed dating mishaps and details those disasters in her new EP Minor felt Major. Influenced by pop greats like Zara Larsson and Julia Michaels, she wears her heart on her sleeve with each intimate release.

Opening with the irresistible “Help Myself”, the song is a candid depiction of her need for affection. The track radiates with upbeat arrangements of shiny synths and driving percussion. Her rich, vibrant vocals sing of the jealously and desire we can all feel when we start to fall for someone. It is human nature and we cannot help ourselves. The song is the ideal start to an EP all about love.   

“Paint It Red” slows things down and showcases a simplistic soundscape allowing her vocals to really soar. The singer narrates a relationship that has fallen apart, but is still looked back on fondly. She admits they were young and in love. The tune is about having no regrets despite the crash and burn.

Ending with the compelling piano piece “Strange”, her soulful tone glides atop gentle instrumentation. She sings of the deep sadness that can be felt when lovers turn to strangers. The offering is a stunning display of so much raw emotion. She passionately sings, “Now you’re a stranger, with all of my secrets. A stranger, I hope that you’ll keep them.”

The Dutch talent is best known for the songs she’s written for other artists, gaining her much success. Now she has dived into her solo career headfirst and has not looked back. Focusing in on her own authentic voice, she creates truly bold and vulnerable music. This EP is no exception. MAXINE confides, “You can see the process of young love and the lessons learned from that. It’s really a chapter that I can finally close, since I've graduated now.”

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