May Rosa explores loving someone with an addiction on "Not Me"

Indie alt-pop musician May Rosa drops haunting and hypnotic offering “Not Me,” weaving a painful tale of loving someone with an addiction led by her fiercely emotional vocals. Blending dreamy synths with deep cello hooks, the track hones in on Rosa’s penchant for intimate lyricism as she balances catchy beats with heart-wrenching themes for a well-rounded musical experience.

Tapping into a soaring 80's sound, Rosa describes the “relentless vicious cycle,” of being with someone struggling with an addiction, infusing notes of relief that comes with the end of such a toxic, co-dependent relationship. Co-written with Romanian pop star Eneli and produced alongside Ryan McGroarty, the vulnerable production takes us right into the heart of someone else’s experience even as it teases out memories of our own tough relationships, as it gives us a glimpse of the emerging act’s forthcoming second EP.

Rosa has previously established her talent for crafting contemplative soundscapes rooted in powerful messages on suicide awareness track “Ceasefire Baby." Here, she brings alive a polished combination of intelligent song writing and classy sounds on her latest foray as she moves from strength to strength in the alt-pop scene.

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