Maya Jane Coles injects some extra groovy house flavor to Ejeca’s “Ekstac”

Earlier this year, Ejeca released a vibrant ’90s house flavoured number titled “Ekstac” that took the dance world by storm—having been played widely by leading DJs and tastemakers in the dance music world. Now, Maya Jane Coles adds her own sonic sensibilities to the mix, offering even more groovy house tones.

“I was over the moon to have Maya on the remix duties for this as she’s been one of the most of the prolific producers of the last decade and I’ve been a fan of hers since the start,” Ejeca shares with Magnetic Magazine. “I was lucky enough to remix her Nocturnal Sunshine project, so it really feels like a full circle with her remixing this!”

Proving her talents, Coles gives us a scintillating perspective on the track that echoes both classic house grooves and its juxtaposing tougher edges. While the original seeps through with clarity, it’s Cole’s well-placed emphasis on euphoric vocals and lessening the sharper acid line that differentiates her work. There’s no stone unturned in the remix, as “Ekstac” traverses through peaks and valleys with soft fluidity, laying the foundation for a poignant breakdown that delves deep into an impressive, twisted drop.

Download/stream Maya Jane Coles’ remix of “Ekstac” here.

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