Maya Malkin debuts solo project with pop single “Hostage”

Montreal duo Motel Raphaël have always an intoxicating indie-pop brand due to the undeniable chemistry Clara Legault and Maya Malkin. So when the move by Malkin to go solo came about, curiosity naturally ensued. “Hostage” the newest single from Maya Malkin’s new solo journey and trays slightly from the grand atmospheres of Motel and closer to the mainstream. With smacking beats and syrupy hooks, this new direction is sure to hit like you don’t expect.

“Hostage” is a charging approach to toxic relationships and an in-your-face story of betrayal during and post-romance. Malkin’s vocals could not be more cheer-inducing, despite the clear somber theme. One can get lost in the song’s fun energetic pace, and rinsing relatable melancholy with the cool harmonies that mist the entire track. Danceable, and so approachable, the music of Malkin is truly different from her previous work and is a treat for anyone just discovering her.

“Hostage” has a fun retro feel to it: pop laced with the alternative, less edgy, softer, and addictive, like a plushy toy you can’t help pick up and explore. In the tune’s bridge, you will find a sadness that cracks the bubblegum aesthetic with Malkin’s vocals revealing a wound in-healing, and suddenly mainstream pop is as serious as ever and as deep as it can be.

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